17 Tasty Potato Salad Recipes

Summer barbecues and picnics aren't complete without a tasty helping of these potato salad recipes.

Potato salad comes in many varieties. Whether you’re looking for light and healthy or thick and creamy, we’ve rounded up all our favorite potato salad recipes. If you're searching for the perfect, classic potato salad for a family reunion; you’ll love our Shout Hallelujah Potato Salad. Try Lemon-Garlic Potato Salad with a mix of Yukon gold and sweet potatoes for a new twist on the classic potato salad. Lemony Potato Salad is a bright and fresh recipe with a tangy kick. Be sure to take your love of potato salad to the next level and try all of our Tasty Potato Salad Recipes. These recipes make great accompaniments to grilled burgers, hot dogs, or even a juicy steak.


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