Jolly Holiday Pie and Tart Recipes

Dig in to a warm and comforting slice of one of these holiday pie and tart recipes.

With so many events during the holiday season, sometimes, traditional standby dessert options start to feel well, stale. We’ve rounded up our favorite holiday pie and tart recipes that are all easy crowd pleasers. We’ve got something for chocolate lovers with our Chocolate-Pecan Mousse tart, which you can make and freeze the crust ahead of time for. (Hello hectic holiday schedules!) Got some fruit fiends in your family? We thought of them with our Raspberry-Almond Pear Tart. Or, looking for a super-simple way to impress a crowd? A Lemon-Coconut Tart is easy to garnish with raspberries and thyme sprigs and looks festive and fresh on a dessert table. To keep things informal (and quick, and inexpensive, and delicious…), use ingredients you probably already have on hand (flour, butter, salt) to make a simple, rustic apple tart with Granny Smith apples. Whichever you choose, it’s hard to go wrong with any of these Southern Living holiday pie and tart recipe favorites.


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