Cool Peppermint Desserts

Crushed cookies and candies dress up these festive peppermint desserts.

Peppermint desserts are a delicious sign that the holiday season is in full swing. Once peppermint candy canes hit store shelves, we know its time to indulge in our peppermint desserts best enjoyed in the midst of the frosty season. The cool red and white candies – no matter if they’re hanging from the Christmas tree as decoration or incorporated into the table settings for holiday parties or Christmas dinner -- are quintessential to the joy and happiness of the season.

Serve a decadent peppermint dessert after the traditional Christmas spread or bring to a festive holiday party. Crumble these crunchy hard candies overtop a cake, bake it in a slice of chocolate heaven, or sprinkle it over a cool ice cream dessert. Our favorite cool peppermint recipes show the many ways to use peppermint candies in desserts, drinks, and holiday gifts. No matter which way you choose to incorporate peppermint candies into your Christmas confections, these delicious peppermint desserts will have guests grabbing for more than one.


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