Over-the-Top Christmas Pancakes

Whimsical layer cakes for breakfast (and lunch and dinner)? Yes! We've transformed six classic Southern cakes into the most magical pancakes and toppings ever. Now get stacking.

This Christmas, give your family (and yourself!) an unforgettable gift: a fluffy stack of pancakes covered in sweet, syrupy, downright decadent toppings. We’ve transformed six classic Southern cakes into the most magical Christmas pancakes combinations you’ve ever imagined. Fans of the iconic Southern Hummingbird cake will love our breakfast rendition – stacks of pineapple-and-banana infused pancakes topped with a lip-smacking Cream Cheese Anglaise drizzle. Or, channel Mrs. Claus and whip up some Santa pancakes made from decadent Red Velvet batter and served with sweet cream-cheese butter. Take a chocolate stack of pancakes to an occasion-worthy level by smothering them in German Chocolate Syrup, a riff off of our legendary German Chocolate Cake. And for Carrot-Cake lovers, our Carrot Cake Pancakes, chock-full of finely grated carrots and spicy cinnamon, make for the perfect Christmas pancakes. These sweet, syrupy, and memorable Southern Christmas pancake recipes bring all the flavors of your favorite layer cakes without the complex baking process. Sure, they’re over-the-top. But if there’s any time of year to be over-the-top, it’s during Christmas.


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