23 Festive Holiday Punch Recipes

Break out your punch bowl, and mix up one of these festive drinks. These big-batch beverages—with and without alcohol—will keep you and your guests in high spirits.

Holiday celebrations in the South are centered on food and drink. Southerners love an excuse to prepare a huge meal to fill the bellies of friends and family, alike. The holidays are the perfect time to do that! Aside from enjoying delicious food, we love tasty holiday punch recipes to add pizazz to an average holiday rendezvous. From citrus blends to Creamy Southern Russian Punch, we have all the most delicious holiday punch recipes to help you celebrate the holidays to the fullest! We have even included a few non-alcoholic punch recipes, in hopes of accommodating everyone!

The holidays are meant for celebrating and taking in all the Christmas tradition, down to the last drop. These holiday punch recipes will give your guests a delicious treat to enjoy throughout the night, while also providing a beautiful presentation to aid in your décor! Eat, drink and be merry this holiday season as you sip on our best holiday cocktail and mocktail recipes.


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