Leftover Turkey Recipes

Who says you have to limit your leftover turkey to sandwiches? Make the most out of your leftovers with everything from hand pies to tostadas.

While it can be argued whether Thanksgiving leftovers taste better the next day or not, we can almost assure you that there will be no arguments when it comes to whether or not these leftover recipes are delicious. These recipes for transforming Thanksgiving turkey leftovers are sure to be crowd pleasers among friends and family.

Instead of dreading reheating the turkey or eating it in sandwiches until it’s gone (which, in some cases, can feel like an eternity), try new ways to repurpose those tender slices of turkey breast, drumsticks, and wings, making those Thanksgiving leftovers not so bad after all. Make it for lunch, serve it in an appetizer, or make a fun treat for the kiddos with these leftover turkey recipes. Pair with other repurposed Thanksgiving sides, or whip up holiday cocktail to go along with these recipes for a refreshing fix.


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