Gifts for the Holiday Hostess

Graciously thank your host with one of our favorite indulgences.

From a young age, our mothers teach us the value of Southern hospitality. Whether it's sending a thank you note to a grandparent for a Christmas gift or making sure our elbows stay off the table, our Southern manners are encouraged from the beginning. So, it's only natural that when we go into another's home for a dinner or party, we choose to bring a host or hostess gift. An inexpensive gift shows our friends that we appreciate them opening their homes. Whether you are looking for food hostess gift ideas or host gifts that both members of a couple would enjoy, we've pulled together some gracious gift ideas that will take you through the whole holiday season. Host and hostess gifts don't need to be expensive or elaborate; some of the most thoughtful gift ideas are under $25–which you'll find as some of our top picks. These gifts–everything from charming measuring spoons to tasty boxes of chocolate to fun board games–will take your party-going all the way from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years.


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