Fresh Holiday Fruit Sides

No Christmas brunch is complete without a fresh fruit salad, spread, or tart.

Yes, there’s joy of new presents and the excitement of the holiday itself, but nothing can ruin the glory of Christmas morning like a lackluster brunch. Don’t default to a boring, sad spread you’d find on any other winter morning. Instead, we’d like to remind you that there are lots of fruits available around the holidays for a Christmas brunch that even Santa would enjoy. From fresh fruit salad with a yummy mint-lime simple syrup to a light and luscious avocado fruit salad, we’ve collected the best holiday fruit recipes for your new favorite Christmas Day brunch. Feel like getting your holiday breakfast off to a sweeter start? These festive fruit skewers with rum are a great, boozy holiday fruit option that doubles as a luscious centerpiece. Whatever your savory options turn out to be (and we recommend having at least one or two), it’s definitely worth brightening–and lightening–up your Christmas Day brunch with some of our favorite holiday breakfast fruit recipes.


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