47 Ways with Fresh Tomatoes

Incorporate ripe, juicy tomatoes into your everyday meals with these fresh ideas.

Tomatoes are a fresh taste of summer, and these tomato recipes will give you new ideas on the wonderful ways to use them. Whether your tomatoes are red or green, plum or heirloom, what matters the most about tomatoes is how you use them. To enjoy one of the easiest tomato recipes start your fire for the Grilled Tomatoes with Basil Vinaigrette. With any remaining fresh yellow tomatoes, you can make the Two Tomato Linguine. The Tomato-Egg Sandwiches are also proof of how tasty fresh tomatoes truly are, pairing them with a ranch-cream cheese spread. Or, go big with the Over-the-Top Tomato Sandwich. For something truly summery, enjoy the Tomato-Watermelon Sorbet—a frozen treat. However you squeeze it, these fabulous tomato recipes are fresh takes on this wonderful taste of summer.


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