Dramatic Thanksgiving Table Setting

Recreate this look for your table with a complete list of sources.

Thanksgiving table settings do not have to mean the traditional palette of autumnal shades. Forget the burgundies and golds this holiday season and use these tips to create a more modern and dramatic setting for your special guests. This Thanksgiving table and the many Thanksgiving decorating ideas will certainly impress this holiday season. The best part every idea is easy to twirl up at home in a pinch without breaking the budget! This holiday centerpiece focuses on the dramatic jewel tones that are definitely not expected. The purples and fuchsias paired with the blacks and pewter add extra flair to any Thanksgiving table setting. The centerpiece is easy to recreate at home because it exemplifies that sticking with one color palette makes for flawless floral arranging. Black linens are what make the palette really pop, yet nothing is strong enough or overly bold that will cause your mother-in-law will to frown.


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