Cozy Up to the Season

- Photo: William Dickey
Photo: William Dickey

Enjoy the delightful flavors of these tempting beverages.

When serving Orange-Scented Mocha to guests, place the whipped cream in individual matching glass mugs so friends can pile on as much as they prefer.

Orange-Scented Mocha
Orange-Scented Mocha Sipping Dessert
Minted Hot Chocolate Mix
Minted Hot Chocolate

Nothing is more comforting on a chilly day than sitting by the fireplace with your hands wrapped around a toasty mug. We offer a few more ways to enjoy traditional coffee and hot cocoa. Pair them with your favorite cookie recipes for a casual evening of entertaining friends.

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Bring Your Own Mug
Add interesting conversation to your next holiday gathering by having your guests bring their own mugs for hot drinks. It's a fun icebreaker to ask people what they're drinking from, whether it's an antique teacup passed down from a relative or a kitschy souvenir picked up on their latest travels.



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