Cake Mix Recipes for Christmas Cakes

Save time by transforming a mix into a festive holiday cake. These recipes are so good, no one will guess they're not made from scratch.

Don't have enough time to bake a cake from scratch this holiday? Or, not completely comfortable in the kitchen? You can still dazzle friends and family this holiday with a dessert made from some of our cake mix recipes. A luscious layer cake made from one of our boxed cake recipes can still turn out as beautiful as a cake from scratch, and it can taste just as good. The secret is to add your own homemade touches to a cake mix recipe so family and friends can’t tell the difference. Sure, grandma says she can always spot a homemade cake from a boxed cake recipe, but these cake mix recipes are so good that even her keen palate won’t be able to discern between the two. From a simple sugar-and-spice cake to slow-cooker rocky road chocolate cake, there will be no shame in your cake baking game after serving up a slice of one of one of our favorite cake mix recipes.


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