Secrets Behind Famous Southern Recipes

Food, fellowship, and a few good tales

In the South, nothing creates a community like a heavy handful of home-cooked meals, and each of these traditional Southern foods is bound to an equally Southern food story. Straight from the Southern Living Community Cookbook, we’re telling you how each of our favorite classic, soulful, and comforting Southern dishes came to be. From classic Southern spreads, like Pimiento Cheese, to Creole favorites, like Jambalaya, every delicious dish from the South has a history that’s worth talking about. Southerners are experts in the art of family recipes and secret ingredients; the only thing we enjoy more than eating our food is talking about it. Southern cuisine was formed by all kinds of factors, ranging from Native American culture to simple abundances of certain farm crops. Each sweet or savory dish was both shaped by, and contributed to the building of, the Southern communities we love.

For complete recipes, see The Southern Living Community Cookbook by Sheri Castle.


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