10 Healthy School Snacks

Just because you're busy and the kids are hungry, doesn't mean snack time can't be healthy.

Snack-time is a very important part of the school day for children, and it changes slights from the yummy snacks we like to indulge in over the summer! One of the many daily highlights of an elementary schooler is opening their bags to see what tasty treat mom or dad sent that day. Snack-time is also extremely essential in brain development. If our little girls and guys are hungry, they are less likely to pay attention in class, resulting in a less than productive and focused kiddo. As parents, we want our children making the most of their time in the classroom! Do your kids’ teachers a favor and pack them healthful snacks that promote well-behaved students, prepared to take on the lessons of the day! Say goodbye to prepackaged chips, fried in grease, and say hello to protein-rich snacks like cheese and peanut butter. Packing your child healthy school snacks can be fun and rewarding, and will leave the little ones completely satisfied. We have gathered some delicious and healthy school snacks to help you jump-start the school year.


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