Healthy Appetizer Recipes

Dips and bite-sized treats can taste good and be good for you. Try one of these recipes for your next party or get-together.

Appetizers are often just that: extremely tasty, often very rich and caloric, appetizing preludes to a larger meal. But today, with the popularity of the cocktail supper and brunch growing, often, we find ourselves offering a menu that may be entirely appetizers. What is someone who is trying to eat healthily do? Healthy party snacks! While yes, we do love our fried this-or-that, with our favorite light appetizer recipes, you can create a balance. Want to serve only healthy appetizers? We’ve collected enough here for you to do just that. Your guests won’t even miss those calories. We love our Cuban black bean dip, which is so scoopable and delicious, guests will forget that it’s a healthy recipe. Or perhaps shrimp shooters arrayed in elegant glassware? Could there be a prettier, healthier party snack? We’re not sure. But you’ll want to try all of these easy healthy appetizer recipes.


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