Entertain Friends with Brunch

- Tina Cornett
Tina Cornett

Pair these easy decorating ideas with our fresh spring menu for a memorable outdoor party.

We all know there are many special occasions to celebrate in the spring--weddings, Mother's Day, and graduations, just to name a few. But why wait for a big event when a glorious morning is reason enough to throw a party?

Our colorful decorating theme includes loads of fresh ideas, all of which are economical and doable. From making button-and-bead wine charms to giving new life to old table linens, our boxes are brimming with easy how-tos. And forget fussing with a complicated menu--our six recipes showcase much of the season's produce, making them the perfect collection for a warm-weather brunch.

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A Stunning Centerpiece
Pretty peonies are even more divine when clustered in vases that show off their slender stems. We filled the vertical portions with stems, while the bowls hold peonies with stems cut about 6 inches below the blooms. Substitute roses or large, frilly-edged parrot tulips for an equally gorgeous centerpiece.

To create this look with items you already have, try stacking a shallow bowl on a wide-based vase--just make sure it won't tip over. Secure the bottom of the bowl to the vase rim with florist clay or denture adhesive. You could also float blooms in a water-filled trifle bowl placed alongside a tall, flower-filled vase.

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Easy Tabletop Touches
We found the supplies for these smart-looking table touches at a combination crafts-fabric store.

Source Information:
Stackable glass vases and salad servers from Carnevale, (901) 775-0800; barware (flute, wine cooler, decanter, pitcher) from Abigail's, 1-800-678-8485; cake stand from Abbey Lane, (205) 879-7122.


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