Top-Rated Mashed Potatoes

Move over, plain sides. These exceptional mashed potato recipes take center stage.

You may think that mashed potatoes are a pretty straightforward comfort food. When it comes down to it, however, the possibilities are endless. Skins on or off? Skim milk, half-and-half, or whipping cream? Butter or olive oil? Cream cheese or sour cream?

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The following recipes offer lots of choices. Each received high ratings from our Test Kitchens. In addition, each was tested with a potato masher, an electric mixer, and a potato ricer. After making inquiries, we discovered more cooks own mashers or mixers than ricers. That's why we list a potato masher or electric mixer in the method. A ricer, which resembles a big garlic press, forces the cooked pulp through tiny holes. This causes the potatoes to resemble grains of rice.

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We know that no matter how you mash them, you'll enjoy these potatoes as much as we do.

Mashed Potato Recipes:

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