26 Tempting Apple Desserts

Sinfully delicious? Nah. These fresh apple desserts are good to the core. No repentance required.

Apple pie is a dessert classic. Our editors love apple desserts in general, and here they share their favorite recipes for sweetening up your life with this tempting fruit. For twist on that classic pie, enjoy our recipes for the Easy Skillet Apple Pie—you’ll love its crunchy crust—or the Blackberry-Apple Pie, which is a delicious mix of sweet and tart. One of our most popular recipes is the one for Fried Apple Pies. You’ll even have enough that you can freeze the leftovers for later. For an apple showstopper, make the Apple-Cinnamon Dutch Baby, one of the most amazing apple desserts ever served fresh out of the oven. However you slice them, these amazing apple desserts will please you to the core.


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