Our Best Tart Recipes

Don't miss out on these sinfully scrumptious tart recipes—filled with an assortment of plump fruit, creamy custards, and tangy citrus. Consider yourself lucky if you have any leftovers!

A tart is a fantastic choice for dessert. Traditionally a baked dessert, these tart recipes show you how to take these tantalizing treats from the oven to the table. Try something truly Southern, like our Muscadine Pudding Tarts—they use the fruit’s juice to give it an amazing color and flavor. For another regional flavor, enjoy the Sweet Tea Icebox Tart because nothing is more Southern than sweet tea. For more traditional tart recipes you’ll love our mouthwatering Rich Chocolate Tart and the Strawberry Tart. If you want to set the tart pan aside, bake the Peach-Nectarine Tart: You just fold the pastry around the fruit before you put it in the oven. However you plan to enjoy them, these tart recipes are as sweet as they are tart.


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