Homegrown Summer Squash Recipes

Bring fresh-from-the-garden flavor to your table with these delicious and satisfying summer squash recipes.

There are a few harbingers of fall we look forward to every year: pre-season football, a drop in the humidity, and a bonanza of summer squash to play with in the kitchen. Every year, it seems, we end up with piles and piles of summer squash and somehow no idea what to do with it. This year, we’ve collected our favorite squash recipes so that no squash goes uneaten. From yellow summer squash to spaghetti squash, these squash recipes are sure to inspire you to get to the farmer’s market (or your garden!), and start making the most of the late summer bounty. From beautiful ribbons of pasta with discs of zucchini and fresh mint, to an amazingly wonderful spaghetti squash spoon bread, there are more than enough squash recipes here to keep you working your way through those piles of late summer squash.


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