Fresh & Juicy Strawberry Recipes

Try our fresh and easy ways to celebrate the sweet taste of spring, from sugar-kissed salsa to featherlight muffins and layer cakes. U-pick your favorite!

While we won’t argue that the best way to eat sweet and juicy strawberries is out of hand, sometimes you might be in the mood to dress them up a little bit. So we gathered our very best strawberry recipes to satisfy every craving. Want a showstopping strawberry dessert for a party? Try our Strawberry Dream Cake, Strawberry Tarts, or Strawberry Lemonade Layer Cake. Feel like a creamy treat? Make a batch of homemade strawberry ice cream or an ice box pie. Looking for something savory? We’ve got delicious main-dish strawberry salads and strawberry barbecue sauce. Make the most of strawberry season with these amazing recipes.


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