Old-Fashioned Pies and Cobblers

Get ready for some down-home comfort with our freshly baked homemade sweets.

When you talk about classic dessert recipes, if you say that something is old-fashioned, Southerners believe you might as well say that it is tried-and-true or that it just tastes good. These pies and cobblers may be old-fashioned, but here that means that they are made with classic dessert recipes. Sometimes, we even kick it up a notch, like with the Grilled Peach Cobbler, with a delicious, smoky flavor. Few desserts could be more old-fashioned than the Classic Southern Buttermilk Pie, with the richness of buttermilk and the freshness of lemon zest. They may be called old-fashioned, but they taste like you will want to eat them each and every day.


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