Make-Ahead Brunch Recipes

Mix and match these make-ahead brunch recipes for a fresh twist on our morning favorites.

Brunch is a wonderful time to gather with friends. Get the most out of your late morning, and enjoy letting the party drift into the afternoon, by being prepared with these make-ahead brunch recipes. Pizza is delicious at any time, and your guests will love the Breakfast Sausage-Egg Pizza—fry the eggs in a skillet and add them when the pizza is fresh out of the oven. One of our favorite make-ahead brunch recipes is the Sausage-and-Grits Quiche, which you can make ahead and freeze. Just be sure to thaw it slowly in the refrigerator to keep its texture and flavor just right. For sipping, share the Cocoa-Coconut Coffee Cooler: If guests want to imbibe you can add a cup of bourbon or rum to the recipe. So invite family and friends to relax over fantastic food. You’ve got it ready thanks to these incredible make-ahead brunch recipes.


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