21 New Ways to Enjoy Sweet Tea

Although some may argue there is only one way to drink tea—sweet and iced—here are some must-try iced tea recipes.

There are a few trademark things folks think of when they think of the South. Those tend to be things like friendly people, sunny weather, and sweet iced tea—very sweet. A classic Southern sweet tea recipe can be very simple—just tea, sugar, water, and lemon if you so choose. But we’re also all in favor of mixing it up, so we’ve gathered some of our favorite sweet tea recipes that range from traditional to totally fresh and new. We’ll walk you through how to make sweet tea, but also how to make sweet-tea inspired treats, like Sweet Tea Tiramisù or Sweet Tea Dulce de Leche. Or incorporate the sweet drink into the main course with recipes like our Grilled Shrimp Salad with Sweet Tea Vinaigrette or Sweet Tea Brined Chicken. We’ve even got a recipe for Sweet Tea Rice. Who knew there were so many spins on this Southern staple. For even more hydrating ideas, check out our gallery of refreshing teas and non-alcoholic sippers.


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