6 Ways with Hummingbird Cake

Since the Hummingbird Cake recipe originally ran in 1978, it has become the most requested recipe in Southern Living history.

A signature Southern dessert, the Hummingbird Cake has been a favorite of our readers for almost 40 years. We gathered our best Hummingbird Cake recipes, all of which put a special spin on the sweet pineapple-banana-cream cheese combination.

Though it’s hard to improve on the original—there are more than a few readers dedicated to Mrs. L.H. Wiggins’ classic 1978 versionwe have a selection of delectable Hummingbird Cake recipes that take the original to new heights, literally. You’ll love whipping up our stunning, party-perfect Mile-High White Chocolate Hummingbird Cake, an indulgent layer cake recipe that incorporates white chocolate in eight luscious layers. Equally stackable and delicious, we have the family-favorite recipe for Hummingbird Pancakes, a sweet treat ideal for leisurely weekend mornings. Don’t forget our lightened version and the simplified bundt cake style; try out any of these tasty Hummingbird Cake recipes and savor one this season.


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