Host a Grits Bar Brunch

- Photo: Iain Bagwell
Photo: Iain Bagwell

Come Sunday morn, serve up any of our basic grits recipes with decadent toppings.

Start with Slow-Cooker Grits. Simplify your morning and soak the grits the night before.

Then, create a grits bar. Offer staples that your guests can mix-and-match to create mouth-watering flavor combos. These are our favorite:

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Wash it down with Bloody Mary Punch. Instead of stirring all the ingredients together, serve optional shots of vodka on the side, and let your guests add it or not.

Take it one step further and use your grits as batter for Georgia Grits Waffles. Serve with Vanilla Crème Anglaise and Maple-Bacon Praline Syrup.


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