Oh Snap! 36 Green Bean Recipes

Looking for new ideas for green beans? Try these easy and creative twists on a first-rate vegetable.

As far as vegetables go, we’re pretty big fans of green beans. They’re versatile, inexpensive, and pack a nutritional wallop with vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. Did we mention that they’re delicious, too? We’ve created a lot of green bean recipes over the years, because they seem to go with everything! Need some crunch in a potato salad? Green beans to the rescue. Grilled pork tenderloin that needs a simple, summery side? Fresh green bean recipes are the way to go. Don’t even get us started on that iconic Thanksgiving casserole! We love green bean recipes so much we must have invented dozens of twists on the dish over the years. We like them pretty much every which way, but these recipes for green beans all have one thing in common: they’re darn delicious. From our green bean lasagna recipe to a fresh green bean salad with pears, we’ve picked the best of the best green bean recipes from our repertoire.


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