Tasty Green Bean Casseroles

Looking for green bean casserole recipes? This round up has everything from an easy slow-cooker version to an elegant gratin.

Thanksgiving spreads just aren’t the same without tried-and-true favorites like green bean casserole. Among a beautifully decorated table setting filled with a variety of Thanksgiving side dishes and that golden turkey deserving of all the praise should be the green bean casserole, beaming with color and glowing in the savory sauce. From those crispy onion straws to the creamy bean mixture under the crunchy layer on top, holiday guests will always be looking for your homemade green bean casserole. And don't worry, an easy green bean casserole is simpler to come by than you think – we've got a whole list of green bean casserole recipes for you to try. Serve your green bean casserole in individual ramekins as a gratin or cut on the slow cooker and let all the flavors marinate together. Layer the flavors, melt them into one, or add new spins on the classic dish, but don’t forget to add a little crunch!


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