Our Favorite Cranberry Recipes

This ruby-colored super-food is a hallmark of the holidays but, this year, freeze a few extra bags so you can enjoy our sweet and tart cranberry recipes year round.

We won't deny that the majority of our annual cranberry cooking takes place around the holidays with seasonal cranberry sauces. But, some of our favorite cranberry recipes can easily be transformed from a holiday treat to an everyday delight. From muffins and pie to margaritas and salsa, these cranberry recipes will make you realize this sweet and tart ingredient is more nimble than you might think. The versatility of our Cranberry-Pepper Jelly will transform cranberries into a condiment you crave while our Mini Banana-Cranberry-Nut Bread Loaves will offer you the perfect hostess gift for any gathering, no matter the season. Our Cranberry-Almond Coleslaw just might become your new favorite dinner side dish, and you definitely have to try our Cranberry Roasted Winter Vegetables – it’s a delight. Taste these delicious dishes, and be ready to fall in love with cranberries outside of the holiday season with our best cranberry recipes.


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