Hearty Chicken and Turkey Chili Recipes

These savory recipes take a twist on classic chili featuring poultry as the main ingredient.

When you crave homemade chili, you crave homemade chili. There’s something about the savory, smoky, and spicy blend of peppers, meat, and beans that’s oh-so-much more delicious when it comes out of your own home kitchen. One of chili’s best features is its versatility – you can load it with virtually any ingredient and it still ends in an amazing dinner. Trade your classic beef chili with these turkey and chicken chili upgrades. Whether you’re looking for a healthier chili recipe, or simply bored with ground beef, these turkey and chicken chili recipes don’t disappoint. With unconventional ingredients like lima beans, sweet potatoes, quinoa, these chicken and turkey chili recipes are anything but ordinary. Find a hearty and comforting way to use your store-bought rotisserie chicken with our quick and easy White Lightening Chicken Chili, or make a down-home chili favorite by simmering ground turkey in your slow cooker for a rich turkey chili recipe. So set out some bowls, a big serving spoon, and a tray of hot cornbread. These homemade chili recipes are great for dinner tonight, and can be easily frozen for many more dinners to come.


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