Candlelight on a Budget

A memorable meal with your beloved doesn't have to break the bank.

Easy menu for a cozy meal:

Celebrate Valentine's Day or other special occasions with our cozy menu. You could certainly spend big bucks at a trendy restaurant, but true romantics know that feasting doesn't have to cost a fortune. For less than $30 and a mere hour of your time, you can cook a fabulous meal that's straight from the heart. We've even included a shopping list to make preparation effortless.

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Flowers bring a thoughtful touch to the dinner table. You can gather some greenery from your garden, pick up an inexpensive bouquet from the florist or grocery store, or arrange a few potted plants such as African violets as a centerpiece.

Then light some candles and play your favorite songs as finishing touches, and spend a wonderful evening with the one you love.

Market Order
Staples on hand

Shopping List





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