Banana Pudding 12 Ways

From Quick & Tasty Banana Pudding to Banana Pudding Cheesecake, these twists on our favorite classic summer dessert will be the hit of the barbecue.

In the South, bananas aren’t just a side dish served with breakfast, or a healthy afternoon snack. They’ve earned their place as a staple of the Southern diet. Sliced and stacked on top fresh white bread that’s smeared with creamy peanut butter, they become the centerpiece of a lunch box classic. Baked into butter-rich batter with chopped walnuts, they become the namesake of banana bread, our favorite food gift. And layered between fluffy whipped cream, crispy Nilla Wafers and creamy vanilla pudding, they become part of an iconic Southern dessert—banana pudding. Universally loved and easy to make, this classic treat is ripe for riffs. Whether you prefer serving up your banana pudding in an oversized trifle for Sunday lunch, or caramelizing in ramekins then topping with homemade meringue for a dinner party, we’ve got a recipe you’re sure to go bananas for.


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