Bacon Makes Everything Better

Sizzling ways to add one of the South's tastiest ingredients to any dish.

Which is more tantalizing – the smell of frying bacon or the sound of the sizzle? Traditionally relegated to breakfast or the BLT, bacon has found it’s way into almost every dish imaginable. Candied bacon swizzles are used as cocktail garnishes, bacon bits are baked into chocolate chip cookies, and have you ever heard of a PB&B? We don’t advocate you going crazy with your bacon love, so this lineup of bacon recipes will show you how to cook bacon into recipes such as salads, soups, and fried egg sandwiches. What’s even better, you no longer have to stand over a hot skillet, getting splattered with hot grease while cooking bacon. Oven roasting is an easy, hands-off method of cooking bacon. So while it is true that bacon can be an integral component of most any dish, you still can’t beat the iconic combination of bacon and eggs. Unless it’s bacon and pancakes. Just add coffee.


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