Best Pecan Pie Recipes

Thanksgiving dinner isn't complete without a pecan pie. Serve classic pecan pie or get creative with these delicious variations.

Here at Southern Living, we firmly believe that a holiday table is never complete without a homemade pecan pie. We’ve put together some of our best recipes to make your holiday menu flawless. Rich and chocolaty, salty and sweet, bourbon-infused, bite-sized, even deep-fried – these pies are all equally irresistible. For a classic Southern approach, whip up Mom’s Pecan Pie, a recipe that’s been passed down through many generations. For a more creative dish, try our creamy Pecan Cheesecake pie. For a pie with a crispy, buttery shortbread crust, try our easy-to-make Caramel Pecan Tart. And, for a quicker way to achieve the nutty, mouthwatering flavor of a homemade pecan pie, try our quick Pecan Pie Bars or Pecan Pie Brownies. No matter which pecan pie recipe you choose, you simply can’t go wrong. Top with whipped cream and enjoy – you’ve just made your best pecan pie ever!


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