10-Minute Appetizers

These elegant nibbles deliver big flavor with fresh style.

Holidays should be spent socializing with friends, loved-ones, and those people you always mean to call but forget to throughout the year. So why spend all of your time prepping, chopping, and cooking, when we’ve got a whole treasure-trove of easy holiday appetizers? Christmas is stressful enough without stressing over appetizer recipes; easy, toothsome, and elegant are what’s required for the holiday season. We guarantee you, you can accomplish these Christmas appetizer recipes in 10 minutes, so if it's last minute appetizers you need, we've got you covered. Whether it’s decadent mini caviar parfaits or an impressive, warm fennel and olive antipasto, we’ve got the unexpected and the easy ready for you. If your tastes run a little more conventional, try this warm brie with a ginger-citrus glaze that will complement fruits, vegetables, and crackers alike–we love an easy appetizer that looks a like a lot more trouble than it is. And of course, we’d be remiss if we left out a trio of super-easy holiday cocktails to pair with your Christmas party appetizers.


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