12 Delicious Desserts

A little bit of sugar never did anyone harm—and these Southern dessert favorites always seem to hit the spot.

Reading the recipes for these fantastic desserts is just like being handed the dessert menu at your favorite Southern restaurant. For a lot of us, dessert is our favorite comfort food, and these recipes will have you baking it, and making it, to make yourself feel good all the time. You will love the taste of our Classic Strawberry Shortcake almost as much as you’ll love getting stuck into the Mississippi Mud Brownies. Of course you can’t get much more Southern than peaches and pecans, so enjoy each of them, or both of them at the same time. We’ve got recipes for Mom’s Pecan Pie and Pecan-Peach Cobbler. You’ll say it’s time for dessert any time of the day with our All-Time Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies. That’s fine. Whether it’s pound cake, pie, cake, or cookies, dessert is simply the classic southern comfort food. Enjoy it.


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