Sunglasses That Flatter Every Face Shape

Consider us your personal shoppers.

Anyone who has found their signature shade knows that there’s just no feeling like it. After completely putting your ‘cool factor’ at risk in modeling style after style to yourself in the department store mirror, it’s worth it to find that perfect pair you can count on to flatter your face shape and to truly own as your signature. Since neither face shapes nor sunglasses are made equal, we’re breaking down the basics to help you find the best sunglass styles for every face shape. While some styles are known to be universally flattering (looking at you, aviator!), some face shapes are better equipped than others to handle the heavy lifting of a trendier shade—and our experts are here to decipher it all. Tuck this handy guide in your pocket for your next shopping excursion to find the perfect shades for that long-awaited beach getaway, and get ready to score major style points in the process.


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