The Best Gifts to Give Your Fashion-Loving Mom

For the mama who can turn even a grocery trip into a fashion statement.

Moms: they taught us everything we know. From how to walk and talk, to how use our manners (and how to graciously respond when someone forgets theirs…), to how to throw one heck of a porch party, there are few-to-no areas that shape who we are that can’t be accredited to her wisdom and grace. Anyone who grew up with a Southern mama knows that her knack for appearing perfectly put-together extends far from the kitchen to her closet. Be it PTA meetings, grocery shopping, or heck—even gardening—some mama’s can turn the smallest of errands into a fashion statement. And although she may be the first to deny her effortless appearance (because Lord only knows the things that frazzle a mama behind the scenes), to us, she was never anything but perfect. With a well-placed monogram here and a figure-flattering A-line dress there, the rules of fashion that have been passed down by our fashion-loving moms are some that will continue to guide us in our style choices for decades to come—serving alongside her many other valuable life lessons we’ve come to cherish. For the mama who does everything with style and grace, we’re ready to spoil her silly this Mother’s Day with some of the best fashion gifts on the market. Though it might be a far cry to ever find a gift to adequately reflect her classic beauty, we think these are a pretty fine place to start.


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