These Are Summer's Most Comfortable Sandals, According to Our Style Editor

And they're cute too.

For someone who spends all day browsing brands’ lookbooks and scrolling e-comm sites for styles to feature, my own shoe game is admittedly ho-hum in fall and winter months. I rotate between the same three pairs of shoes over and over again, with little thought given to how I could shake things up. But then the warm weather rolls in. Ready for their time in the sun and a fresh coat of OPI Cajun Shrimp, my piggies relish the chance to break free from low-heeled booties and needlepoint flats. So I give them what they want and slide into sandals all spring and summer long. And because I refuse to believe the old adage that beauty is pain, I stick to sandals that win on comfort and style. Here, five of my favorite sandals for summertime.


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