Eat These Dermatologist-Approved Foods For Radiant Skin

Here are some foods the experts suggest biting into for great skin.

If you’ve spent your life in pursuit of a flawless complexion, you’ve likely tried more than just a few tricks and techniques for getting beautiful skin. From the time you were a teen, you took your mother’s advice—always washing your makeup off before bed, moisturizing daily, and never forgetting the SPF. You’ve never turned your nose up at your grandmother’s passed-down and tried-and-true products. After all, her skin is still stunning at age 80. Maybe you even sampled all the latest and greatest products to hit the beauty aisle. One factor you may not have considered in your quest for radiant skin, however, is your diet which can have a greater impact on your skin than you might think. We turned to the two dermatologists behind New Orleans' Audubon Dermatology, Dr. Sarah Jackson and Dr. Deirdre Hooper, to get the lowdown on what foods promotes healthy derma. “There is data to suggest that a low glycemic index diet helps clear skin,” says Dr. Jackson who goes on to explain how adopting this type diet means avoiding sugars and foods that affect your blood sugar levels, like carbohydrates and even milk sugars. “You should try a dietary strategy for four to six weeks and if it doesn’t help in that time frame, it might not work for you at all,” Dr. Hooper adds, “And while this can be healthy diet to adopt, it’s important to remember that there no replacement for seeing a board certified dermatologist.” Here’s some other foods they suggest biting into for great skin.


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