5 Best Face Sunscreens for Summer

All the SPF you need and none of the grease, chalk, or smell you don’t.

If you view applying sunscreen with the same amount of obligatory reluctance as creating a TurboTax account or scheduling car maintenance, you’re not alone. Until recently, most sunscreen offerings provided protection at the cost of a shiny, break out-inducing, smelly, and/or chalky application. But now that it’s been firmly established SPF is mandatory, it’s spurred innovation in the area of UVA/UVB ray deflection.

While you still can’t apply sunscreen in the shower or take it in pill form while you hover around in your flying car, these five options are the best you’ll find today—broad spectrum protection without the Elmer’s glue or bacon drippings feel with the added bonus of hydrating, anti-aging, nourishing ingredients.


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