Best Skin Care Products

The foundation of a beautiful look, is glowing, soft—and most importantly—healthy skin.

The better condition our skin, the less makeup we need. It happens to be the case that Southern women have earned the reputation of being some of the best-looking ladies around, and our humid weather may be to thank. While it’s not ideal for our hair, the intense humidity we have in the South does have it’s benefits; it actually helps keep our skin hydrated and looking youthful. Let’s thank our lucky stars for that! It also helps that collectively our beauty IQ is improving. We’re putting more and more emphasis on skincare and working harder to eliminate issues like blemishes, dark spots, and wrinkles instead of solely focusing on covering them up with makeup. We have considered every aspect of a women’s skin care needs—from UV protection to brightening to cleansing, to anti-aging—and found the best products on the market to keep you looking bright and healthy. Here check out our picks for 2016.


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