This Is How to Know If You’re Allergic to Your Manicure

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Yep, it can happen.

It seems nothing is safe anymore. When our favorite cereals are getting recalled on the regular, you know we’re in dangerous times. Now there’s a new health concern that’s making the rounds, and we’re not here for it. If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to be allergic to nail polish, we have some bad news for you: Yes, yes it is.

If you think about it, this newsflash might not be all too surprising. Allergies can happen with just about anything that your body comes in contact with. And, with so many ingredients (and oftentimes, chemicals) listed on those teeny, tiny bottles, it’s not terribly unexpected—the odds were never in our favor, after all.

What might throw you for a loop, though, is learning that it’s unlikely you’re allergic to the polish itself. Instead, if you experience a reaction it’s likely due to an allergy to one of the numerous ingredients.

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Refinery29 recently reported on a study by the British Association of Dermatologists that found an increasing number of allergies to methacrylate chemicals (common ingredients in both acrylic and gel nails). Symptoms can include loosening nail beds and/or a red, itchy rash that occurs not just on the fingers, but can be found anywhere on the body that the nails have touched while still wet.

So, what should you do if you suspect you're having a reaction? Set up an appointment with your dermatologist, and maybe skip your next mani appointment in the meantime. Even if you’re not experiencing any symptoms or side effects of a nail polish allergy, we think a polish detox is always a good idea. We can’t wait to get our hands on Sally Hansen’s Gel Rehab, as it promises to begin restoring nails to their pre-gel glory after just three nights of use. And, we all know the worst part of gel manicure rehab is waiting for nails to recoup.

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With so many gorgeous new fall polish collections in the works that are marketed as 8- and even 10-free, now might be just the time to give that gel polish or your acrylic nails a much needed break for the season.


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