These Winter Hair Colors Are Going to be Huge in 2018

A dusty winter blonde, a delicious deep brown, and a surprising new red…

As soon as the South gives way to winter and the mercury actually drops below 70 degrees, we know it’s finally time to implement our wintertime tweaks. We’re talking about swapping in a hydration-heavy skincare routine, getting out cozy fleece-lined leggings, and searching for a fresh hair color that’ll help our strands fight seasonal dullness.

Picking a winter hair shade is much like picking our winter wardrobe. If we're going dark, like an oxblood handbag, it's going to be rich, highly pigmented, and moody. If we're going light, like a holiday-red lipstick, it's going to be bold, bright, and eye-catching. Fittingly, this year is all about deep browns, warm blondes, and vibrant reds. Whether you want to take the plunge with a totally new look or bring fresh life to your current color, we’ve rounded up the winter 2018 hair colors that’ll be hot this season.


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