The Best Short Cut for Every Face Shape

Looking for the best cut for you? We've got your guidelines.

We’ve all been there—seen a great cut on a celebrity and fallen in love with the look. Then, we’ve asked our stylist to sculpt our own locks in the same fashion, only to find that the chic style we loved on Reese Witherspoon doesn’t look the same on us. Oops. It’s disappointing–and a little confusing. So we looked to Chuck Duck, stylist at Salon U in Birmingham, to give us the real deal on going short. He explains: “Just like in fashion where you have to dress for your shape, you have to cut your hair to flatter your facial features.” So how do you know how to do that? It starts with a great stylist analyzing your features and hair. Duck explains, “We spend a lot of time going through a consultation with our clients and finding something that’s what they want, but also that we know will look good on their face and with their hair type. It’s really important to listen to your stylist’s recommendations because she knows what’s going to work on you.” While Duck emphasized that every face is different and getting a cut customized for your facial shape is always best, he did give us some ideas for what generally works on certain face shapes. Here’s what he had to say:


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