Mid-Lighting Is the Hair Color Secret We All Need to Know About

So start spreading the news.

Getting highlights always poses a risk: You won’t get what you’re looking for. We’re not here for the streaky and stripe-y, but the natural and sun-kissed. That’s why when we heard about the hottest hair highlighting technique trending right now, called mid-lighting, we were intrigued. Allegedly, it serves as the proverbial middle ground, the happy medium, needed to take your hair color from flat to fab. Here’s what we know.

The game, in a refreshing turn of events, is actually in the name. A mid-light is the color that blends your base color to your highlight, creating a natural finish that doesn’t look straight from the bottle. So if you’re a natural brown-blonde base, but want to lighten things up with butter blonde highlights, some golden or honey blonde mid-lights will do the trick.

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Mid-lighting makes things like base bumps (i.e. when you have to lighten your base color so that the highlights you want actually blend) or the alternative, cringe-worthy striped highlights that result from your base color being too dark for your highlights, totally unnecessary. The mid-light is like the middle child, often overlooked yet unmatched at the art of keeping the peace while being biologically sandwiched between two dissimilar siblings.

Perfect for blondes, brunettes, and redheads alike, mid-lighting just might signal the end of all bad highlight jobs. (It’s about time.) Here are our favorite mid-light muses we’re taking to the salon this year.


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