Medium-Length Hairstyles We’re Loving Right Now

Not too short and not too long—these are just right.

When you want a versatile look that falls in the sweet spot between short and long, the medium-length cut is the just-right style you've been waiting for. Since it lives somewhere in the center of the hair spectrum, the mid-length cut gets flack at times for seeming more hum-drum than wham-bam. But we think it’s time to give it some credit. It’s not reserved for those so undecided about the right haircut that they settle for an in-between. Rather, it's gloriously endless in options when it comes to layers and bangs; and it's perfect for the hard-to-please Southern woman since it gives the best of both worlds, which we always prefer. Maybe you want the layers of a long style, but the bangs of a bob? Fine. Or perhaps you want the volume of a short cut, but the movement of long locks? That’s fine too. We’re jumping down the rabbit hole of inspiration for the best medium-length hairstyles, and you’ll be calling up your salon for an appointment in no time.


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