Secrets to Getting Texas-Size Volume Every Day

Want every day to be a good hair day? Count on these five products.

The higher the hair, the closer to God. That saying has defined multiple generations when it comes to hair in the South. It used to involve perms, rollers, and lots of teasing. So much teasing. These days, however, big hair means volume. To perfect the big hair routine these days, there are five products that can boost volume. Start in the shower with a volumizing shampoo. Some shampoo and conditioner pairs can actually weigh down your hair. Once out of the shower, show your roots some love with a volumizing lotion that works with your blow dryer. One more thing before you pick-up that blow dryer though: add thickening foam that will help add fullness to your hair. Go for even more volume by adding a dry volume spray to add texture. Finally, make all your hard work last another day with a dry shampoo that doesn’t leave any weighty residue. You’re big hair will be the envy of everyone.


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