9 Hair Colors That’ll Instantly Make You Look Years Younger

Who needs the fountain of youth?

When it comes to aging gracefully, a Southern woman is never too proud to turn down a little help. Just like how we religiously apply our daily sunscreen and nightly retinol serum, we’re keeping our hair cut and styled to perfection. As it turns out, however, all of those hairstyles and curling irons aren’t worth a penny in youth if our shade of choice isn’t as forgiving. Looking years younger comes painlessly by choosing the most flattering hair color. First, it’s time to leave monotone color at the salon door and embrace warm highlights. Because no matter your hair color—blonde, brown, red, or gray—you’re going to look older if it lacks dimension. The goal is to bring out a youthful glow in your face by infusing that same warmth and softness into your locks. That’s why cool tones aren’t generally the ticket to eternal youth. Caramel, honey, gold, copper, and strawberry give a healthy brightness that makes us look and feel younger. (Framing your face with lighter shades draws the eye away from any complexion concerns, as well.) If you want to take a dip into the fountain of youth, choose one of these hair colors that’ll make you look years younger in an instant.


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