Chestnut Hair Color Ideas That Have Us Ready For Fall

We're nuts about this color trend.

When the humidity of summer starts to wane and we get a whiff of clean, cool air – we start to get antsy for a new fall hair color to suit the season. Going dark for the fall and winter seems to be a timeless trend; nourishing those sun-soaked locks is just an added bonus as we opt for deep chocolates, dark browns, and even black. Instead of picking a monotone hue that gives little dimension to your look, we're into the next fall color trend: chestnut. A distinguishing factor of chestnuts is the red shimmer that plays off of a creamy, lighter brown. While it's a new look for some, chestnut isn't bold enough that you'll be going out on a limb for your new hair; it is a timeless shade that suits all ages and styles – from swishy waves that reach the small of your back to textured bobs and pixies. Opt for a complete chestnut look, which brings out the warm tones in your skin, or try one of the many fun balayage options that the color complements.


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